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Creating A Lasting Impact

Giving through the Brehm Foundation empowers breakthrough solutions and life-changing results for our students. Through the generosity of our supporters, we increase the quality of the programs for our students, equip our staff to be successful, help more families enroll, and go beyond the operational budget. We ensure the future of Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS.

You can make a lasting impact today by supporting the successes of our students and staff at Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS Transitions to Independence.

Annual Giving: Putting the Extra in Extra-Ordinary

Annual Giving provides the “extra” that makes Brehm extraordinary, with hands-on experiences such as field trips, cutting-edge classroom technology, and student-interest classes ranging from culinary instruction to 3D printing to participation in nation-wide research projects.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Annual Giving also supports scholarships and tuition assistance to help recognize  students’ successes and benefit families by offsetting tuition costs. Tuition Assistance is awarded by the Tuition Assistance committee and is based on a family’s stated need and availability of funds raised. 

Eligible students receiving merit-based and needs-based scholarships go through an application process and are awarded scholarships by the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.

Our scholarships include:

  • Carey Marie Walsh Memorial Scholarship
  • OPTIONS Memorial Scholarship
  • Tyson Brehm Memorial Scholarship
  • Myranda’s Child and Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Coach Greg Douglas Honorary and Heritage Scholarship

Ways to Give

Your tax-deductible gift can be in the form of cash, checks, credit cards, shares of stock, in-kind giving, and inclusion in wills, bequests, and estate planning.

  • Donate online
  • Call 618.457.0371 and speak to a Foundation representative
  • By check, through the US mail
  • Transfer of shares of stock
  • By including Brehm Foundation in your will or estate plans, you can enjoy tax benefits and make an impact on generations to come.

For More Information

To learn more about making a pledge, contribution, endowment or deferred gift (e.g. bequest in your will), contact the Brehm School Foundation at 618.457.0371 or

The Brehm Preparatory School Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, ensures the continuing advancement and mission of Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS Transitions to Independence.

Thank you for supporting Brehm School and OPTIONS via the Brehm School Foundation.