Living at Brehm

Benefits of Living on Campus

Brehm’s holistic, boarding school environment gives students a safe home away from home. In this comfortable, close-knit environment, staff and students become like family, with each member responsible to the others. Individual personalities and progress are celebrated daily, as students learn to become successful, contributing members of the community in which they live.

Experience shows that a holistic, boarding school environment is the most effective way for students and their parents to finally experience success. Separate boys and girls dormitories are each staffed with Dorm Parents, supported by Dorm Assistants, Tutors, and Recreation Staff. At this safe and supportive home away from home, students with persistent learning challenges learn new skills, establish new patterns of behavior, and gain fresh perspectives that foster breakthroughs in self-awareness, self-confidence, and independent learning.

A Day in the Life

Each thoughtfully structured day provides individualized monitoring and care for students on a round-the-clock basis. The structure provides a familiar routine, but is flexible to accommodate individual student needs.

Students begin each morning with a hearty breakfast prepared by our award-winning chef and his staff, followed by a physical education class to help boost their mood, focus, and energy throughout the day. Students attend classes until 3:45 each day.

In the afternoon, our Student Life staff provides a myriad of supervised recreation activities ranging from swimming and skating to art club and cooking. Individual lessons and community-based programs include everything from horseback riding and music lessons to martial arts and modern dance. After a nutritious meal in the dining hall or terrace, students study with dorm staff and academic tutors where they receive the support they need to complete homework and address their learning strategies.

Afterwards, they have time to kick back and relax or grab a snack in the dorm kitchens.

Common Weekday Schedule

*Flexible to accommodate student needs

6:30-7 am: Breakfast in the cafeteria
7:25 am: Morning P.E.
8:10 am: Shower and daily chores
8:47 am: Classes
11:20 am: Lunch
3:45 pm: Recreation time
5:00 pm: Dinner
6:00 pm: Free time 6
:25 pm: Study hall
8:30 pm: Free time
8:45 pm: Snack time, the kitchen is open!
9:00 pm: Medtime
9:30 pm: Evening chores & showers
10:30 pm: Bedtime

Weekday Activities: Art club, biking, gaming, fishing, makerspace, mall trips, movies, nature hikes, and running club.

As students settle in to one of five dorms, Brehm quickly becomes their “home away from home.” Each dorm features a kitchen and spacious common living area. In this comfortable, close-knit environment, staff and students become family, with each member responsible and accountable to the others.

All the resources necessary for students with learning differences are centralized onsite or coordinated by Brehm’s team of experts, relieving both parents and students of the stress inherent in organizing and managing these services.

Through Brehm’s weekly social skills training and positive behavior system, students gain skills in problem-solving, conflict resolution, expression of feelings, coping strategies, and executive functioning skills. Daily activities provide real-life teachable moments, building confidence and fostering responsibility.

Through daily work on chores, personal hygiene, and time management, students experience the fruits of their efforts while learning accountability to themselves and others. As students gain independence, they are taught how to handle these new freedoms and responsibilities, addressing and resolving issues along the way. For teenagers eager to spread their wings, privileges include the chance to access their cell phone 24 hours a day or take a bus to the mall with friends.

Each day is structured to provide a familiar routine, but is flexible to accommodate individual student needs. Upperclass students have greater freedom to plan their own breakfasts and manage their own technological devices and personal time. They may also learn how to handle their own debit accounts.

On Campus Events

From arts to entertainment, from sports to hobbies, Brehm helps your child find their niche and explore their passion. There is something for everyone!