Beyond Academics

Your child’s education isn’t only about academics. That’s why Brehm offers a holistic approach, integrating academic, social, and emotional strategies into a comprehensive program designed to educate the whole child. Upon enrollment, Brehm conducts a thorough assessment of each student’s needs, strengths, and challenges, which results in an Individualized Holistic Education Plan(IHEP). Designed around the way each child learns best, this plan integrates academic, social, and emotional strategies into a comprehensive program designed to educate the whole child and unlock his or her potential for lifelong learning.

Each student is also assigned a Faculty Advisor who becomes his or her personal advocate and mentor. Experts with a deep understanding of each student’s history, strengths, challenges, and personality, Faculty Advisors coordinate school resources, supporting and guiding students throughout their Brehm experience.

This highly individual and uniquely holistic approach produces students with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners, able to succeed in school, find fulfilling careers, and lead balanced multi-faceted lives.

Arrowsmith Program

In 2014, Brehm became the first boarding school in the U.S. to offer the Arrowsmith Program®. Integrated into Brehm’s robust curriculum, Arrowsmith complements the school’s holistic approach and is enhanced by our support services. Using cutting-edge research on the brain and its impact on learning, the Arrowsmith Program does not teach students how to compensate for their specific learning dysfunctions. Instead, Arrowhead addressing the root cause of the learning disability rather than managing its symptoms.


Brehm strives to provide a comprehensive curriculum for all students. Our schedules are packed with core classes, remedial course work, and pull-outs for speech-language, assistive technology, transition planning, counseling, and medical appointments. This demand is offset by offering seven class periods a day. We also strongly believe that subjects outside the core curriculum are crucial for students to develop strengths that may not lie in traditional academics. These courses allow students to express their talents and explore interests that will serve them later in life as occupations or vocations. Brehm students are usually able to take at least one special subject per school year.


Because learning is not limited to four walls in a classroom, Brehm equips students with the latest tools and technology to help them stay connected—to the world, throughout campus, and to you. We believe that using the latest technology to expand learning experiences, all while keeping the personal connection, will allow your child to thrive.